Root Folder Path. How to set to inbox in outlook 2019?

I just upgraded to outlook 2019, from 2010. I set up my IMAP email account, all folders are there, except for the inbox. I need to set the following, as I did in outlook 2010:


"root folder path" inbox  


In Outlook 2010 (and all the other ones after that), it can be found at"


 File --> Info --> Account settings --> Select account --> More settings --> Advanced


Where can I find that option in outlook 2019?


1. The Root folder option would be available by going to Outlook menu
File --> Account Settings --> Email tab --> Select your account --> Select <Change>

2. The above brings up the new simplified UI to change settings. If you ever want/need to get to the full settings UI as found in 2010 then

- press CTRL+ALT+S which brings up the Send/Receive window
- select the Group you want/need (most people only have one)
- Select <Edit>
- Select the email account you want to change
- Select <Account Properties>

3. Alternative to the above is to go to File --> Options --> Select <Advanced> --> Select <Send/Receive> and click on Edit --> Select Account on left --> Select Account Properties --> Select Advanced Tab --> type inbox in forlder path

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