LFC Hosting: email@domain being used to send spam

For time to time, we do send clients email to notify them we have disabled SMTP on compromised
email addresses. If you have an email address that has been compromised and used to send spam,
we will disable sending on the account to keep from getting our mail servers Blacklisted. We do
email the account owner here at LFC Hosting that an email address on the domain has been used
to send spam. Here is what that email looks like:

Hello, The email account 'email@domain.com' appears to been compromised and was being used to send spam. To prevent further abuse we have disabled the ability for this account to send email until the password has been changed. Depending on the strength of the previous password the spammers may have guessed it and that is how they were accessing this account. Alternatively, the computer used to access this account may have a virus/malware that retrieved the email password and sent it to the spammers. Please inform your client of this change and possibly suggest that they do a full virus/malware scan on their computer to be safe. LFC Hosting Operations Department

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