Using Sendmail

Sendmail is primarily a UNIX mailer daemon used to send e-mail. Many scripts call this program blindly because it is almost always on a system for use when sending e-mail. On our Windows servers, we use a Sendmail replacement called Windmail, which is located in e:\web\etc\windmail\ and is called windmail.exe. The full path to Windmail (sendmail) is:


You invoke Windmail in very much the same way that you would invoke Sendmail on a UNIX platform:

Windmail.exe -t

This will prompt you for further input, which you would structure as follows:

Subject: Test


The final dot is important because it marks the end of the message and indicates that the message should be queued for sending. Also note that each line needs a linefeed after it, including the final line with the dot.

As you can see, sending e-mail from a CGI script on Windows is just as simple as sending e-mail from a CGI script on a UNIX platform.

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