Pointing your domain to your shared hosting account.

If your domain name is registered and owned by you but does not currently point to the LFC Hosting network, it must be pointed (ie. 'transferred'). Note that your domain name stays with your current domain registrar and is simply pointed to our network. You can determine whether or not your domain name must be pointed to LFC from the WHOIS Status field on the Domain Administration page:

Not Transferred: Your domain name has been registered but does not point to the LFC Hosting network, and therefore must be transferred.
Not Registered: Your domain name is not registered. Click here for instructions on registering your domain.

To point your domain to the LFC Hosting network, simply modify the following information for your domain name at the Web site of the registrar that you registered your domain through (Watch help videos for Network Solutions, Godaddy.com, or Register.com):

Primary DNS Hostname: NS1.LOOSEFOOT.COM
Primary DNS IP Address:
Secondary DNS Hostname: NS2.LOOSEFOOT.COM
Secondary DNS IP Address:

IP addresses will probably not be needed as most domain registrars automatically resolve name servers.

If you need assistance in transferring your domain name or your domain does not appear to point to our network after following the above directions, please submit a support ticket. We will be glad to help you. We will need your registrar login information.

If you no longer have access to your domain name and do not have control over the administrative contact's e-mail address, we are unfortunately not able to transfer your domain name for you. In this case, you will need to contact your registrar directly. They will typically require you to fax a signed letter along with proof of identity, thus returning the domain name to your control.

The maintenance of multiple domains names can be a nightmare. Therefore, we strongly recommend transferring your domain names to LFC Hosting. This will help to greatly simplify the process of registering, renewing, consolidating, maintaining, and keeping track of all of your domain names under one single login.

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