Enabling ColdFusion

If your account requires ColdFusion support, you can simply upload your ColdFusion files to your Web space. If, when you view your ColdFusion files, you see only code or receive a "file not found" error, it is possible that you were placed on a non-ColdFusion server. This can be quickly remedied by submitting a support ticket. We will need to move your account to our Cold Fusion server.

Any custom changes for your site made through the ColdFusion Administrator can also be arranged by submitting a support ticket.

To connect to a database using ColdFusion, you will need to use a DSN connection string. A DSN connection string requires you to set up a DSN in DSN Administration or SQL Administration (for SQL Server databases). Once there, click on the "View Sample Connection String" link for a number of sample connection strings.

All system data source names (DSNs) added through the DSN Administration or SQL Administration sections of your Control Panel are automatically set up as Windows system DSNs. Once you have added a DSN to your Control Panel it will take about 10 minutes before your DSN will be available for use with your ColdFusion code.

Note: When adding a SQL DSN you must remember that the username and password are not stored in the ColdFusion Administrator. Therefore you will need to supply the database username and password in your DSN connection string.

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