When Your Web Site Won't Load

There are several reasons why your Web site may not load. To determine the problem, do the following:
  • Verify that your Web files are uploaded to the proper location: where your domain name points in the Domain Administration area. By default, this should point to a subdirectory of the same name as the domain, the directory in which you are placed when you log on via FTP.

  • Newly added domains do take about 40 minutes to work and get completely setup on the server once it's added into control panel. IIS needs to run to complete this task in order to set it up and set permissions on folders and files on the server.

  • Verify that you have a valid default document (usually index.htm, index.php) in your Web folder. This is usually the case if you see a 403 Error.

If both verifications check out, try the following troubleshooting procedure:

  1. Your domain may not be pointing to our name servers yet.

    To check this, simply use the WHOIS tool on the control panel or visit a third-party whois utility, such as geektools.com: http://www.geektools.com/whois.php.

    Enter your domain name, and when the results come up, pay close attention to the nameservers listed at the bottom.

    If NS1.LOOSEFOOT.COM and NS2.LOOSEFOOT.COM are not listed, this is the problem. Your domain name must be pointed to LFC Hosting's name servers before it will work on our network. See Pointing Your Domain.

    If your domain is pointing to our name servers, proceed to the next step.


  2. Your ISP may still be caching your domain name, or it has just recently been pointed and has not yet been propagated.

    To test this, you need to call up the Windows command window: Click Start, then click Run, then type commandin the text field, and then press OK. This will open up the DOS prompt window.

    In the DOS prompt window, type ping www.example.com, then Enter. If your domain is pointing to our network, you will see four replies from the IP address you were assigned when you signed up your account (208.68.104.XXX).

    If you get the error "unknown host" or you receive four replies from an IP address not belonging to LFC Hosting, your domain has not been pointed or its address is being cached by your ISP. 

    If you do receive a reply from the proper IP address, proceed to the next step.


  3. If all three tests have positive results, there may be the problem with our network.

    In this case, you should notify technical support by submitting a support ticket.

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